Manhattan Brokers

HGAR Just Makes Sense

One broker, one price. Equal benefits for all. Focused on residential brokers. A consumer portal built for Manhattan brokers, not profits. What's not to love?

If you’re a broker working in Manhattan, join HGAR to get real benefits you can’t get anywhere else. HGAR is committed to serving Manhattan’s residential brokers, who have been underserved for far too long. It starts with pricing that just makes sense. One broker, one price — and it’s the same price for all whether you’re actively selling as a real estate salesperson or have 300 agents under you as a managing broker.

Once your brokerage joins HGAR, every broker in your firm can join HGAR to get access to, the first REALTOR-run consumer-facing portal built for brokers, not profits. offers more than 44,000 listings and a massive referral network of 45,000 agents working from Lower Hudson Valley to Long Island.

Special Access for Manhattan Brokerages

For a limited period, HGAR is offering a special trial program for brokerages that operate in Manhattan to experience the benefits of HGAR and OneKey® MLS. Call or email Jeff Doder at or (917) 225-1599.

You Belong on OneKey® MLS

Join HGAR and get access to the accurate data you deserve. If you’ve ever wished there was an alternative to third party sites that sell your leads back to you and put other agents on your listings, OneKey MLS® is it. Finally, there’s a portal that runs for you, not against you.

Accurate and Comprehensive Data

Data from more than 100 sources backs up the accuracy of the listings, protected by powerful business rules and brokers to enforce accuracy.

One Broker, One Listing

Only listing agents appear on their listings. They’re prominent and obvious — so consumers always know who to call first.

Manhattan Property History

Check current Manhattan listings against verified data on one million buildings in the City, including primary and vanity addresses, amenity, tax and unit sales history.

Seamless Import of Your Listings

Send your back office feed directly to the MLS and OneKey® MLS. Don’t change your business processes; get more exposure without lifting a finger.