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75 Hour Salesperson Licensing Course

Get your New York State Real Estate Licensing Classes from the only Real Estate Association run School of Real Estate in Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and Orange Counties in New York, the HGEDU School of Real Estate. Whether you need to earn your New York real estate license for the first time, or obtain a broker’s license, HGAR School of Real Estate has convenient in-person and online licensing classes built for you.

New York State Requirements for Licensing as a Salesperson

  • At least 18 years old
  • No felony or misdemeanor * (contact NY DOS for clarification)
  • Permanent Resident of the US
  • Sponsoring broker
  • 75-hour course – completion includes passing the final exam and NY State exam
  • Pass state exam ($15) – more information here
  • $55 (two years) license fee
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In-person Attendance Requirements

The Department of State requires 90 percent attendance before you are eligible to sit for the course exam. Please reconsider taking the course if you anticipate more than 7.5 hours absence. Students missing more than 7.5 hours of classroom time in total (including late arrivals and early departures) must make up the exact classes missed before they may sit for the final exam. Online make-up sessions are available.

Real Estate Licensing Online

  • Complete all units within 362 days. Extensions may be requested for a nominal fee.
  • Pass all unit quizzes and practice exam.
  • The final exam is a live, proctored exam. Call one of the three Exam Locations listed below to schedule your final exam. Please bring your laptop to take the exam.
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Exam Locations

White Plains
One Maple Ave

W. Nyack
2 Medical Park Drive, Suite 17A,

9 Coates Drive, Suite 1

New York State Requirements for Licensing as a Broker

To qualify as a real estate broker, an applicant must have at least two years of experience as a licensed real estate salesperson or at least three years of experience in the general real estate field or a combination of the both, meet the minimum points required for the experience type, (e.g., buying and selling your own property, managing property owned by your employer), have satisfactorily completed both the qualifying salesperson course of 75 hours and an additional 45-hour real estate broker course as approved by the Secretary of State, and have passed a qualifying examination administered by the Department of State. If your sales person class was a 45-hour course, you will need to complete the 30-hour Remedial course in addition to the 45-hour Broker course. Please see application instructions for more detailed information.

HGAR offers both in-person and online 45-hour Broker and 30-hour Remedial courses.

  • Click Here for HGAR School of Real Estate 45-hour Broker Course
  • Click Here for  HGAR School of Real Estate 30-hour Remedial Course


Florida Real Estate Associate Licensing Course

Since many of our members also wish to practice in Florida, HGAR offers an online course that provides you with the 63 hours of instruction required to be eligible for a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate license. The course prepares you for the Florida state licensing exam.

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