HGAR Leadership Accelerator Program

Value Proposition

HGAR’s Leadership Accelerator Program is a carefully cultivated initiative aiming to develop leadership skills in our members personal and business life. Through practical and high-engagement experiences, LAP participants gain the behavioral skills and mindset to cultivate and drive change in an evolving industry. Completing this program means having greater clarity of purpose, leadership proficiency, and accountability for personal and organizational growth.

Approach and Philosophy:

Leaders develop daily, not in a day.

HGAR adopted the Leadership Accelerator Program in 2020 and identified and developed budding leaders who will play a vital role in shaping the Association’s future.

The ten-month intensive curriculum pushes participants outside of their comfort zones. You will rise to new challenges, collaborate with others, engage in relevant discussions, and reflect on these experiences.

HGAR offers the guidance of past Association presidents, organizational and community leaders, and expert educators to provide each class with a multifaceted experience.

These future leaders are critical for HGAR to remain a dynamic and relevant organization that will best serve our members in perpetuity.

Selection Criteria:

  • Aspiration for personal and professional growth
  • Ability and desire to actively participate in group work/discussions
  • Commitment to ten months of in-person and/or virtual meetings

Preference is given if you have demonstrated interest in your REALTOR® Association and/or volunteer experience.

HGAR Leadership Accelerator Application


Did you miss our 5/19/2023 LAP Informational Session?
View here (61 min Video)

Program Sessions*

The Program runs from Sept. 2023 - June 2024.

Program Sessions are typically scheduled for the first or second week of each month. Sessions include live and virtual meetings.

Areas of Subject Focus may include but are not limited to:

  • Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together—HGAR, OneKey® MLS, NYSAR and NAR
  • Leadership Styles
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion in our Industry
  • Economic Development in the Lower Hudson Valley
  • The Role of Leaders in a REALTOR® Association
  • Legislative Activism and Leadership in Adversity - The critical role RPAC plays in the Real Estate Industry
  • Leadership Panel—Past Presidents of HGAR share their experiences
  • Build Your Leadership Presence with Public Speaking
  • Lobby Day - Traveling together to Albany and Advocating the Realtor Industry
  • Graduation


Every year, the HGAR Leadership Accelerator Program brings together a faculty team and a group of experienced professionals to deliver stimulating, practical, and high-engagement experiences. The professionals we select to facilitate and present during the LAP sessions have an intimate understanding of business challenges, seasoned industry knowledge, and expertise in leadership development. Here is a partial list:

  • Gail Fattizzi, Past President and Instructor
  • Kathryn DeClerck, Past President and Instructor
  • Jana Currier, Interim CEO/Chief Operating Officer
  • Richard Haggerty, CEO OneKey® MLS
  • Freddimir Garcia, HGAR Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer
  • Ron Phipps, former NAR President (2011)
  • David Severance, President and CEO New Door Leadership
  • Noam Bramson, Mayor of New Rochelle, NY
  • Past Presidents of HGAR and HGMLS


2022 LAP Class Project

Choosing to work with a REALTOR® is the most important decision you’ll make when buying or selling real estate.

In this video, our 2022 Leadership Accelerator Program participants highlight five reasons to work with a REALTOR® and why they are critical to your success as a homebuyer or seller.

HGAR developed the LAP program as a result of our Strategic Planning process. We selected eleven applicants from our real estate community who possess the qualities to become future leaders in our organization. These individuals are participating in rigorous training programs comprising workshops and thought-provoking exercises. They are critical for the growth and relevancy of the HGAR organization.