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Michael Harbater

CS Brown Company
12 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453

(718) 294-1650

Born in Tel Aviv Israel of U.S. born parents, Michael’s family moved back to New York when he was nine months old. His father and uncles were active in New York real estate owning and managing apartment buildings in Manhattan and The Bronx from the 1950’s until the 1980’s. Michael began his career in the industry getting his Real Estate and Insurance Brokers Licenses soon after graduating from CCNY in 1971.

In 1979 Michael became active in the management of C S Brown Company, becoming Vice President in 1983 and President of the company in 1989.

In the thirty one years that Michael has been a part of C S Brown Company he has been the driving force in building it from a small hardware store to a major supplier to the Real Estate industry with an in-house cabinet assembly shop and a countertop fabrication unit. These in-house facilities enable C S Brown Co to deliver not only routine supplies but entire custom kitchens in one business day to its customers in the  tri-state area.

Michael and his former partner’ Arnold Blank, who retired in 2004, also formed Limpio Industries, Inc. which serves as a wholesaler of  similar lines of products to stores and resellers throughout its distribution area.

Together with his current partner and company Vice President Andy Boden, Michael continues to guide his enterprises to new and greater successes.

When not “minding the store”, Michael serves as a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight Northeast taking people in need to and from medical treatment in his personal six seat Cessna Aircraft.

His greatest joy, however, is his wife of 38 years, Freda, his four children, one in New Jersey and three in Israel and his many grandchildren ranging in age from sixteen years old to newborn.

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