YPN: Cocktails and RPR

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Thursday Apr 15, 2021
5:00PM - 6:15PM
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, NY

RPR has recently been Redesigned, Reorganized, and Refreshed for Your Member Success. The new refreshed site offers a more intuitive user experience, including eye-catching graphics, improved navigation and even self-guided shortcuts that help you perform tasks with ease.

Bring Your Own Cocktails and sit back and enjoy a great evening with YPN Co-Chairs and event hosts Rich Herska and Nan Palumbo, Veronica McManus, NAR Director of Industry Relations with RPR®, HGAR RPR Instructor Katheryn DeClerck, and Clayton Livingston and Lauren Hurwitz, YPN Member and RPR® User.

Our panel will discuss the advantages of using RPR to enhance your real estate business and offer great tips and tricks.

RPRRPR is the nation’s largest property database, exclusively for REALTORS®. RPR puts data, tools, and reports at your fingertips so you can respond to questions and requests instantly, and position yourself as an essential part of every transaction.

RPR offers everything you need to “wow” your clients and close more deals.


  • Richard Herska, YPN Co-Chair
  • Darin "Nan" Palumbo, YPN Co-Chair

Featured Speaker:

  • Veronica McManus, NAR Director of Industry Relations with RPR®


  • Katheryn DeClerck, RPR® Instructor
  • Clayton Livingston, YPN Member and RPR® User
  • Lauren Hurwitz, YPN Member and RPR® User

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Featured Speaker:

Rich Herska
Richard Herska
YPN Co-Chair
Nan Palumbo
Darin "Nan" Palumbo
YPN Co-Chair
Veronica Mcmanus
Veronica McManus
NAR Director of Industry Relations with RPR®


Katheryn Headshot
Katheryn DeClerck
RPR® Instructor
Clayton Livingston
Clayton Livingston
YPN Member and RPR® User
Lauren Hurwitz
Lauren Hurwitz
YPN Member and RPR® User

If you want to learn more about RPR register for our upcoming RPR classes on HGAR.com:

4/1 2:00-4:30 – RPR 101: The Basics of RPR and RPR Mobile

4/15 2:00-4:30 – RPR 201: Servicing Sellers with RPR Comp Analysis and Market Reports

4/29 2:00-4:30 – RPR 202: Creating an Exceptional Buyer Experience Using RPR

5/6 2:00-4:30 – RPR 203: Building Needed Inventory Utilizing RPR

5/20 2:00-4:30 – RPR 301: RPR Advances: Utilizing the Power of RPR to Stand Out

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