CID: The Evolution of Lender Underwriting in the Current Economic Environment

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Thursday Dec 01, 2022
9:30AM - 11:00AM
HGAR White Plains
One Maple Ave - Top Floor
White Plains, NY 10605

How have lenders changed the way they underwrite CRE loans in an unsettled market?

Trading Commercial Real Estate in the current economic environment poses unique challenges for buyers, sellers, and Realtors. Many may argue that one of the most significant challenges lies in the hands of today’s lenders who are tasked with evaluating these loans with ever-changing rates and regulations, resulting in volatile transactions from initial offer to the closing table.

The HGAR Commercial Investment Division (CID) discusses how various types of lenders are underwriting today and how our industry can adapt accordingly for proactive and successful deal-making.

  • Is it interest rate alone? Discuss other main factors causing unrest in the market
  • Differences in underwriting formulas and requirements pre-2022 vs. now
  • Analyzing an investment property’s income proforma and the differences across property type
  • Projecting CRE expenses across asset classes to determine a proper ROI for valuation
  • How NYC and NYS Regulatory Changes impact underwriting today and future insights
  • The Balancing Act – Pricing vs. Interest Rates
  • Higher Stakes - Insurance and Collateral Required to protect loans
  • Consequences of poor Due Diligence
  • How lenders navigate potential changes to loan requirements mid-transaction


  • MacKenzie Forsberg, Founder/COO, Genesis Realty Group


  • Louis P. Gallo, Senior Vice President and Commercial Market Executive, Wells Fargo & Company
  • Nicholas S. Marra, Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, Webster Bank
  • Robert Withers, President, M1 Capital Corp.
  • Jac Zadrima, CEO/Founder, Genesis Realty Group

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Mackenzie Forsberg 4x4
MacKenzie Forsberg (bio)
Genesis Realty Group

Louis Gallo
Louis P. Gallo (bio)
Senior Vice President
and Commercial Market Executive Wells Fargo & Company

Nick Marra Webster Bank
Nicholas S. Marra (bio)
SVP Regional Manager
Webster Bank

Robert Withers
Robert Withers (bio)
M1 Capital Corp

Jac Zadrima
Jac Zadrima (bio)
Genesis Realty Group

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