CID: The Electrification of New York State and What it Means to Your Multi-Family, SMB and Commercial Business

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Thursday Mar 25, 2021
10:00AM - 11:15AM
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, NY

This meeting will cover:

  • Heat pump technology
  • State, utility, and federal incentives for clean heating and cooling in large buildings/building electrification
    • New construction, existing buildings, all large buildings
  • Technical expertise and feasibility study support available
    • Community heat pump systems
  • Opportunities to participate in market transformation activities such as webinars, podcast episodes, roundtable discussion series, and one-on-one consultation
  • Showcase large buildings with clean heating and cooling
  • Innovate NY State programs to bring advanced building technologies to SMBs
  • Business Energy Pro adds value to Westchester businesses -The shift to managed solutions will put business owners in the driver's seat in an increasingly complex energy system
  • John Barrett, Managing Director Investment Sales, RM Friedland, CID President
  • David Singer, Co-President. Singer Energy Group / Robison
  • Scott Smith, Program Manager Clean Heating and Cooling, NYSERDA
  • Rachel Carpitella, Director of Commercial Clean Heating and Cooling, Sustainable Westchester
  • Patrick O'Neill Ph. D., President, mCloud N.A.


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Barrett John New Hi Res
John Barrett
Managing Director Investment Sales
RM Friedland
CID President
David Singer
Singer Energy Group / Robison
Scottsmith Nyserda (1)
Scott Smith
Program Manager
Clean Heating and Cooling
Rachel Carpitella
Rachel Carpitella
Director of Commercial Clean Heating and Cooling
Sustainable Westchester
Thumbnail Patrick O'neill Headshot
Patrick O'Neill Ph. D.
mCloud N.A.
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