2024 DEI Town Hall Session

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Wednesday Jan 31, 2024
10:00AM - 11:30AM
Zoom Event Meeting

, NY

Get ready for an informative 2024 DEI Town Hall Event hosted by the HGAR DEI Committee. We'll dive into our journey so far, share our plans for 2024, discuss the challenges we're gearing up to conquer, and present golden opportunities for our members. Join us for a lively conversation with Cheryl Williams, our DEI Committee Chair, Carmen Bauman, HGAR President, and Lynda Fernandez, HGAR CEO.

Dei Town Hall Session


Cheryl Williams 4x5
Cheryl Williams
2024 DEI Committee Chair

Carmen Bauman 4x5
Carmen Bauman
2024 HGAR President

Lynda Fernandez 4x5
Lynda Fernandez
HGAR Chief Executive Officer

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