ZOOM VIRTUAL CLASS-Cultural Competency

IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST HAVE A VIDEO ON YOUR DEVICE IN ORDER FOR THE INSTRUCTOR AND MODERATOR TO SEE YOU. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THE LINK TO THE ZOOM CLASS THE DAY BEFORE THE CLASS TAKES PLACE. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ZOOM LINK, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK MAIL. -Cultural competency requires that we show an understanding for other cultures and being aware that cultural differences do exist. -The entire class will be a discussion of how to identify and implement what we learn about ourselves in the course to better improve our interaction with the consumer and create a better experience for all. Buying or selling a house in the United States is very different all over the world and our communication style may dictate whether or not we are part of the transaction and considered a trusted advisor or not. -We want to be aware and sensitive to different people and their cultures and work effectively to be patient and adapt to any possible situations that may arise in our business -How to interact with people from other cultures effectively with respect and dignity. -Why should we try to understand the culture of others?

Dates & Times for this Course