IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST HAVE A VIDEO ON YOUR DEVICE IN ORDER FOR THE INSTRUCTOR AND MODERATOR TO SEE YOU. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THE LINK TO THE ZOOM CLASS THE DAY BEFORE THE CLASS TAKES PLACE. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ZOOM LINK, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK MAIL. 7.5 credits for the full day. Black, White & Gray + F.H. + Ethics: 9am-1pm (4 credits) Not everything in fair housing is simple. There are lots of situations that start out clear cut- or so you thought. Suddenly you find yourself in a gray fog of indecision: can I do this, what happens if I do this, I thought this was ok? “Black, White and Gray” explores the various fair housing scenarios Realtors face and creates possible for the areas you find are not so black and white. Agency Disclosure + Ethics: 1:30pm-5pm (3.5 credits) Understand the Agency Laws and learn about Advanced Consent for Dual Agency, Advanced Consent for Dual Agency with Designated Sales Agent, and the Disclosure Form that now includes Condominiums and Coops. * Meets Virtual Card Requirement.