Document Diligence: Bullet-Proof Your Transactions

4.5 Total hours
4.5 Elective hours
0.0 Required Topic hours

A veteran broker once said, "No one ever failed in this business because of the paperwork." It's true: Real estate is a relationship-based business. However, to protect consumers and yourself, knowing how to manage the paperwork--whether it's cotton bond and ink or bits and bytes--is integral to your role. Maintaining detailed and organized records, even for transactions that don't close, not only satisfies regulatory requirements, it also protects your license. It proves you did what you were supposed to do when you were supposed to do it.

We can't do anything about paper cuts, but if you're ready to become more comfortable selecting and using documents to ensure on-time, accurate, and litigation-free real estate transactions, let's do this.

Course highlights include:

  • Typical transaction documents
  • Standard clauses, addenda, and contingencies
  • How to practice within the scope of your license (but avoid unauthorized practice of law)
  • How to field and manage multiple offers
  • Managing signatures, notarizations, and identification
  • Best practices in transaction management
  • Best practices in document retention
  • Keeping documents secure, both hard copy and digital
  • Wire fraud prevention