Current Issues: Cooperation, Negotiation, iBuyers and Disaster Preparedness


Real estate is a dynamic industry, and that’s one of the reasons it’s an enjoyable, challenging, and interesting career. The industry is ever-changing to adapt to a transforming marketplace, and staying in step with those changes takes determination and a willingness to pivot. Current Issues: Cooperation, Negotiation, iBuyers, and Disaster Preparedness will help keep you on your toes. The course looks closely at four trending issues:

  • MLS Statement 8.0, more commonly known as the Clear Cooperation policy
  • iBuying, a 21st-century home buying and selling system
  • Negotiating nuances
  • Natural disasters and disaster planning

With an emphasis on how best to support your clients and customers, this three-hour course will update you on recent changes and current trends that impact your real estate practice and the way you serve your clients and customers. Clear Cooperation and iBuying have a direct impact on the way you do business, and a fresh look at today’s negotiating strategies will strengthen your finesse in this critical skill. Finally, the rise in the number and severity of natural disasters across the country has led to new recommendations that help protect consumers and your own real estate business.

Course highlights include:

  • The new NAR policy, MLS Statement 8.0, more commonly known as the Clear Cooperation policy
  • Transparent cooperation and what that means for licensees
  • New MLS requirements related to the Clear Cooperation policy
  • Issues with limited exposure marketing practices
  • Basic methods of the iBuying transaction system
  • How licensees can make iBuying work for their clients
  • Methods to plan and prepare for successful negotiations
  • Strategies for conducting win-win negotiations
  • Best practices for buying and selling in natural disaster risk zones
  • Disaster planning to protect licensees’ businesses