CIPS: Europe & International Real Estate

PLEASE CALL NYSAR at (518) 463-0300 x219 or x220 to register or click the “register” button. The overall impact of globalization has driven Europe to become a major market in competition with the Americas and the Asia/Pacific region. Consequently, Europe is a very active source and target of international real estate investment. This is due in part to the size of this region, which offers tremendous investing potential. Course objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, a real estate professional will be able to: - discuss the social, economic, political, and geographical characteristics of major European countries. - discuss the history, purpose, and economic impact of the European Union. - identify important characteristics of certain European real estate markets including influential laws, business culture attributes and real estate/brokerage practices. - assess opportunities in certain European markets by evaluating significant investment patterns, investor profiles and real estate activity. - identify ways to develop a business network and start or enhance an international practice with European clients or properties. - identify ways to promote properties, markets and professional services. Knowledge and awareness of basic cultural, political and economic conditions in Europe will enhance a real estate professional's ability to represent, interact with, and command the respect of clients. The concept of unification is still new and there are many who do not want to lose any more of their national identity. These are important facts to know and understand as you work with customers and clients from affected countries.