Affordable Housing: Solutions for Homes & Financing

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3.0 Total hours
3.0 Elective hours
0.0 Required Topic hours

The lack of affordable housing has been a discussion topic in the media, advocacy groups, and the political arena for years, and lately the chatter has become louder and more urgent. How bad is it? According to the leader of one housing coalition, “It’s not a housing crisis. It’s a housing catastrophe.” In this course, we’ll explore the impact that a lack of affordable housing has on individuals, families, and the real estate industry.

If it’s true that inside of every problem lies an opportunity, the opportunity here is huge. We’ll explore largely untapped solutions to locate housing and secure financing, even for low-income borrowers with less-than-stellar credit and little to no down payment. And in three “Bringing it Home” lessons, we’ll show how real estate professionals can become part of the solution for their clients and their communities.

Course highlights include:

Issues that contribute to the affordable housing crisis
Socio-economic impact of the affordable housing crisis
Demographics and geographics of affordable housing
Creative housing solutions
Loan programs with minimal and no downpayment options, down payment assistance programs, and creative financing solutions
How real estate licensees can be part of the affordable housing solution while building their business and improving their communities
Activities and scenarios to provide real-world context for course content