22.5-Hr. NY CE First Time Renewal Package (Includes 3 hrs Fair Housing, 2 hrs Agency and Ethics)

First Time Renewals--22.5 hours
Cost:  $99.00

Courses included in this package:

  • Code of Ethics in Action: Real Life Applications (2 Elective hours, 1 hour of Agency) *
  •  Technology Tools, Trends and Risk Management (3 elective hours)
  • Did You Serve? Identifying Homebuying Advantages for Veterans (3 elective hours)
  • Residential Property Management Essentials (4.5 elective hours)
  • Marketing, Advertising and Social Media Compliance, (4 elective hours)
  • Assistance Animals and Fair Housing (4 mandatory hours)
  • Common Violations of Agency Law (1 hour of Agency)
  • *This course includes 1 hour of agency to meet the NY DOS requirement for all licensees for 2017 and moving forward. This course also meets the REALTORS® Code of Ethics training requirement. You will need to confirm with your local REALTOR® association if they will accept it.