ZOOM VIRTUAL CLASS Matrix 3...Matrix to the Max

Available Seats:
Katheryn DeClerck
3 CE
Tuesday Nov 23, 2021
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Zoom Virtual Class

Null Zip Code, NY N
IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST HAVE A VIDEO ON YOUR DEVICE IN ORDER FOR THE INSTRUCTOR AND MODERATOR TO SEE YOU. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THE LINK TO THE ZOOM CLASS THE DAY BEFORE THE CLASS TAKES PLACE. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ZOOM LINK, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK MAIL. Designed for the advanced user, this class takes Matrix to the Max. Learn about the Speedbar, how to create shortcuts and favorite searches. Go through the steps of the Comparative Market Analysis and customize your CMA pages. Run statistics to demonstrate market trends and create graphs for your presentations. Use the Financial functions, Reverse Prospecting and Hit Counters features to increase productivity. Create custom searches and displays for simple searching.  This class is not meant to be a hands-on class but students are welcome to bring laptop and tablets to follow along. *Students should have a basic knowledge of Matrix and are strongly encouraged to take Matrix 2 before attending this class. * Meets Virtual Card Requirement.

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