Instanet Forms & Authentisign

Available Seats:
Katheryn DeClerck
3 CE
Monday Mar 30, 2020
1:30pm - 4:30pm
MLS,Newer Agents
HGAR Goshen
9 Coates Dr - Suite 2
Goshen, NY 10924
Instanet Transaction Desk is your paperless solution! Learn how to use this new system to fill out all your forms and documents online, auto-fill those forms from tax or MLS records, and send them for e-signatures. Do you prefer to print your documents and have them signed in person? You can do that too. This class will walk you through how to create transactions as a listing agent and as a buyer’s agent, complete forms, and the use of e-signatures. You’ll also learn about templates and how to manage your files on the Dashboard. *Students are strongly encouraged to take Matrix 1 before attending this class. This class is not meant to be hands-on, but students are welcome to bring laptops to follow along. * Meets Virtual Card Requirement.