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Jerome Environmental Services, LLC is a leading provider of Lead and Mold Abatement, Removal, and Remediation Services in New York City, as well as a broad range of additional environmental assessments and solutions. We handle both large and small projects and specialize in providing top-rate service and quick turnaround time. The company was formed in 2004 in response to the New York City Lead Law: Local Law 1 of 2004, which introduced stringent regulations to mitigate exposure to lead paint.

Through our sister company, Jerome Associates, LLC, formed in 1986, we own and manage more than 50 multi-dwelling buildings throughout the Bronx and Upper Manhattan, and it is our unique position as property owners that allows us to fully appreciate the myriad facets of operating residential and commercial units in New York City.


We combine our extensive experience in property management with our intimate knowledge of New York City environmental regulations to respond to your specific concerns and provide you with project plan tailored to your situation.

Our comprehensive EPA-certified lead services include XRF analysis to determine the presence of lead-based paint, enclosure and encapsulation to prevent exposure to toxins, the removal and disposal of hazardous materials, and dust wipe clearance. Our mold remediation services include an indoor air quality consultation, testing and analysis to determine the presence of mold, thermo-imaging analysis to locate the sources of mold, and recommendations to prevent reoccurrence. Our IAQ-certified Mold remediators use the most current and effective methods to both remove and inhibit future mold growth.

We approach problems realistically and will make sure you meet regulatory obligations while creating a safe environment. Jerome Environmental Services can help you make the healthiest and most economical choices. We have the experience, knowledge and relationships to assist you in developing and reaching your environmental goals.

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