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Eric Stuerken

Better Qualified LLC
241 Monmouth Rd., LL05
West Long Beach, NJ 07764

(888) 533-8138

About Eric: Eric Stuerken is an avid sports adventurer and has been playing sports since the age of 2. His first love of sport was skiing and anything outdoors. His younger years of playing all sports paved the way for his love of winning, completion, teamwork and hate of losing. Eric had honors in High School for Soccer, Skiing and Track & Field. Eric still holds the state record for the pentathlon. Eric then graduated from the University of Binghamton in 92 – All American sprinter and national soccer team honors – After College, he went on to play American football in Germany for a season and lead the league in yards and touchdowns – Athletics and entrepreneurship have always run through his veins and his various ventures. Because of that love and understanding of what it feels like to be an athlete, Eric has always tried to instill that in others. It starts with movement and feeling muscles you didn’t know existed. That leads to mindset and success. With that in mind and to assist in daily movements, Eric developed the “one minute before” wellness platform to move the 85% of the population that doesn’t workout or get enough exercise outdoors. Initial results have been staggering – Most participants have increased their workout numbers by 50% within two weeks. His goal is to give away the program and have a healthier habit built-in corporate America.

Another one of his passions is helping others navigate the crazy and confusing world of CREDIT.
So Eric co-founded Better Qualified (personal and business credit experts) in 2005. Using relationships and leverage BQ has grown across the country and receives 99% of its business from referring partners like banks and real estate agents. Over the past 15 years they have helped over 50,000 clients. Prior to BQ Eric assisted in building multi-branch offices within the mortgage industry. In the late 1990s Eric co-founded the internet shopping portal PIIQ.com – raising approx 8 million in private equity from Simon Properties and DDR.

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