CID Breakfast – 17-Forward-86: The Coalition advocating for the widening of Route 17 in Orange County

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Friday Feb 14, 2020
10:30AM - 12:00PM
HGAR Goshen
9 Coates Dr - Suite 2
Goshen, NY 10924

Join us for an informative panel discussion on the proposed widening of Route 17 in Orange and Sullivan counties.
The coalition is asking New York State to include $500 million in the DOT’s multi-year capital plan, beginning April 1, to bring this project to fruition. Widening Route 17 will strengthen the region’s economy by improving access for tourists and businesses while enhancing commuter safety and reducing environmental damage.

10:30 – 11:00 AM: Networking
11:00 AM: Program begins

Panelists include:

• Maureen Halahan, President and CEO, Orange County Partnership, and co-chair of 17-Forward-86
• Michael Lawler, Partner, Checkmate Strategies, and Director of 17-Forward-86
• Nancy Proyect, president, Orange County Citizens Foundation, coalition secretary
• Michael Fleischer, Esq., President, Strategic Public Affairs NY, coalition lobbyist
• Daniel Ortega, community affairs, Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative, coalition member

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Maureen HalahanMaureen Halahan, President and CEO,
Orange County Partnership

Michael Lawler Michael Lawler, Partner,
Checkmate Strategies

Michael Fleischer
Michael Fleischer, Esq., President,
Strategic Public Affairs NY

Daniel Ortega (002)Daniel Ortega, Community Affairs,
Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative

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