Bicycling for Complete Neighborhood Development

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Tuesday Nov 17, 2020
9:30AM - 10:30AM
Zoom Event Meeting

, NY

On behalf of Newburgh Transportation Advisory Committee, Urban Cycling Solutions and the Orange County Department of Planning will present an overview of the ongoing development of a Bicycle Action Plan for the City of Newburgh.

Panelists will give an overview of complete streets- a legislative foundation for planning for all users, modes and abilities- and how that looks different in different communities in the Hudson Valley. Panelists will then discuss progress to date on the Bicycle Action Plan including public engagement activities, data analysis and preliminary recommendations as well as recommended data collection standards and methods for the future.

Presenters will also discuss the impact of non-motorized transportation access on economic development and property values in the surrounding area as well as recommended strategies for advocating for complete streets at the municipal level. Webinar participants will gain information on supplemental strategies and recommendations to facilitate cycling and discuss specific benefits as illustrated in NYS case studies.

This bike action plan is sponsored by HGAR in collaboration with NAR Smart Growth grant.

Introduction: Eydie Lopez, HGAR Regional Director, Orange County


  • Dan Suraci, AICP - President/Principal Urban Cycling Solutions (bio)
  • Jessica Ridgeway, Planner at Orange County Planning Department (bio)

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