ZOOM VIRTUAL CLASS - How to Effectively List & Sell in any Market (1 Hr Agency)

Available Seats:
Laura Copersino
7.5 CE
Thursday Oct 08, 2020
9:00am - 5:00pm
Zoom Virtual Class

Null Zip Code, NY N
IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST HAVE A VIDEO ON YOUR DEVICE IN ORDER FOR THE INSTRUCTOR AND MODERATOR TO SEE YOU. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THE LINK TO THE ZOOM CLASS THE DAY BEFORE THE CLASS TAKES PLACE. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ZOOM LINK, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK MAIL. Times are always changing as does the landscape of the real estate working world. Licensees must maintain a skillset that will reflect today’s market and provide the client with the best and safest service from the listing and selling process. An integral part of the real estate licensee’s function is to effectively provide the consumer with information regarding their property, external obsolesces, pricing and current market conditions. In addition, once the property is listed, the licensee must continue to manage the selling process which includes recordkeeping, showings (remote or in person), communications (remote or in person) and constructively handling offers and negotiations. In conjunction with current market conditions, this course will offer the licensee the skills needed to provide a safe, effective listing and selling environment while maintaining focus on the client’s overall real estate needs. **Meets Virtual Card Requirements